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escort live review

An independent review of the iPhone Escort Live system from Escort Radar. The reviewer is a non-commercial end user and does not sell products from escort radar or its competitors *** UPDATE...

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Escort App Helps You Avoid Speed Traps and PoPo

Escort is an app for Android and iOS that crowd sources user notifications of red light cameras, speed traps, and other situations to help you avoid the police. It's like a speed detector, app version.

Whistler radar detector doin it's job!

There was an officer behind me, he saw me comin and turned around just to follow me as usual, tryin to catch me ridin' dirty! Lol.

Valentine One Radar Detector iPhone App, S2000 install

Valentine One (tm) display on the iPhone.

Police Caught Me With A Radar Detector

Unfortunate situation when I got busted with a radar detector causing me 3 demerit points, $170, and paralegal fees. It's definitely not worth it. FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SEEM TO THINK I'M...

Spanish for Police iPhone app

Local news channel did a story on Spanish for Police app that is available in the iTunes app store now!! See more or buy follow the link


Driving on I-94 in Michigan towards Indiana State Line. What you hear on the video is me, reading the police radar frequency off my Beltronics STI Display, Ka 34.7, MI State Troopers are using...

Valentine One Vs. CHP Instant On Radar Bishop,CA

I was driving south on Highway 395 when I picked up an Instant On radar hit from a CHP car that was about 3 miles away. As I got closer, I decided to film when he hit me with the radar. The...

Beltronics GX65 Radar Detector Test

Here is a test passing by a police car on the left from the Beltronics GX65 radar detector.